Aliens are planning to attack planet Earth. UFOs are already hovering over us. Can't you see them?
Oh Dear, you must! You are the Chosen One.
Okay. Do this then. Buy any of these UFO collection T-shirts! Wear them, scan them with Cub McPaws App and you will see the UFOs near you, no matter where you are!
The aliens are far more powerful than we imagined them to be. You need Power! Unlimited power! So we have given you infinite supply of torpedoes. Use the force.
Start shooting at them. Maybe you can’t win. Strike them down, and they will become more powerful. They will reappear. But patience you must have! Keep at it.
Do. Or do not. There is no try. You are our only hope!


Q1. How to spot the UFOs and save the earth?

1. Install Cub McPaws App from App Store or Play Store (Alternatively get download links here - www.cubmcpaws.com/becurious)
2. Open the app 3. Click the "Scan T-Shirt" button
4. Use the rear camera of your phone to scan the print on your T-Shirt
5. Upon successful scanning, your phone will vibrate
6. And voila! a UFO will appear in your camera view
7. Time to face the UFO in the screen & begin the battle!
8. Start shooting
9. If you shoot it correctly, it will still re-appear! Stubborn Aliens!
10. Don't Let them win over us, Earth's future is in your hands!!! Keep shooting.

Q2. Which phones are supported for Magic T-shirts?

A list of Supported Phones is provided below. Other phones may also be supported.
iPhone 6s Plus and higher versions
Android Phones
Samsung Galaxy S8 & higher, A8+ & higher, Note 8 & higher
One Plus 6T & higher
Oppo R17 Pro
Google Pixel 2 & higher
Vivo Nex
Xioami Mi 8 & higher
Motorola Z3 & higher
Sony Xperia XZ2
Huawei P20 & higher, Mate 20 & higher
Honor 10 & higher
Asus Zenphone 6 & higher
For a list of all supported Android devices please click here.

Q3. How to operate the app?

You can either scan your own t-shirt with rear camera using the "Scan T-Shirt" button in the app. While doing so your screen will be in the opposite side but the phone will vibrate as soon as the image is scanned. You can then turn the phone around and play.
Alternatively, you can get someone else to scan the t-shirt as well.

Q4. Are Tablets and iPads Supported?

No. Tablets and iPads are not supported at this point in time

Q5. I am unable to scan. What shall I do?

1. Ensure that the UFO image on T-shirt is clearly visible and is clearly facing the rear camera of the phone. Wrinkles or worn out t-shirt prints may not be successfully scanned
2. Allow enough time for image to be scanned. Wait till your phone vibrates
3. Move the phone closer or away from the t-shirt if required
4. Try restarting the app, like a true Indian :)
5. If nothing works, Pray! Just kidding. Write to us on tech@cubmcpaws.com and we will get in touch with you. Please allow us 1 working day to revert.